Saturday, November 15, 2008

What Animal Are You?

I found this funny test that tells you what animal are you. It´s very quick to do.

If you are curious about what animal you could be, here´s the link:

I got "Blue Fox" as result, which is an Arctic Fox.


Meekiyu said...

o neat.. arctic foxes are so beautiful and rare! Lolol I'm a teal cat? Cats can be teal? lolol fun fun!

kim* said...

Your Result: Tan Giraffe

Loner. You're a sort of a loner, but you are very brave and a quick thinker. You have a little secret: you like to help others. Soul Mate is the Red Jaguar, but you hate the Marroon Panda. lol so true!

Karly West said...

Um, it said I was a tan giraffe.....but in the quiz I answered that I liked giraffes the LEAST!!! Does that mean I have low self-esteem?? ;)

Janet P. said...

The test says I'm a Gold Falcon. I like the description: High in the sky! You are a very intelligent person. You get your pride in the way and it sometimes get very high, but you're a very romantic person.

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