Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I´ve been tagged by two of my lovely blogger friends: Karen Faulkner and MeaCulpaBodyandBath. I´m sorry I delayed this post so much, I had one hundred things in my mind and I completely forgot.

Here are six random things about me:

1) I´m very shy in person.

2) I´m very picky with perfumes. One of my favorites during years was “Noa” of Cacharel.

3) I´ve read all the books of “The Lord of the Rings”, watched the movies and I have this ring:

4) I have a calendar with cats in the wall of my studio. I love cats and dogs.

5) My favorite colors are blue and purple, that´s why I have so many designs in those tones.

6) I love singing. I studied music and played piano when I was a child.

The rules: link to the person who tagged you > post the rules on your blog > write six random things about yourself > tag six people at the end of your post and link to them > let each person know they've been tagged.
I tagg these friends:
Thanks for reading!
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DaN said...

Very nice blog guy!

Its cool :)

Look my web-blog and be my RSS :)

Bye, from Spain!!! (sorry form y english xD)

Blu Sparrow said...

I wanted the lord of the rings ring but found myself not wanting to spend the cash on it. How it hurts the pocket to be fan!

Jennifer said...

Hey there! I am so excited to be tagged! I'll get to work :)

Hyla said...

I cant get through the LOTR books, love the movies though!

ecogeneration said...

My favorite color is purple too!! And I love dogs.!!

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