Monday, May 4, 2009

EST Weekly Challenge - "Inspired by a Movie"

I´ve just been communicated I had won the European Street Team Weekly Challenge (Yay!), hosted this last week by the lovely binkaminka (the previous winner).
My challenge entry was my Insomnia Ring (you can see all the entries HERE). Thank you so much!

The theme I´ve picked for this week is "Inspired By A Movie". Any kind of movie, or inspired by a feeling you had watching a certain film. I have a huge love for the cinema, because I think it transmits a lot of different emotions through time and generations.
I hope you like the new theme!

Convo me your entries by next Monday at 21.00 Spain time (GMT +1) and I will be adding them to this post.
Happy crafting! :)

Here we go! (Click on the pictures to go to the listing)



The Notebook Necklace


At World's End - The compass of Jack Sparrow


Lunch at Tiffanny's - Earrings - sterling silver and crystal


The Beach - Necklace


Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain - a stained glass garland


Black dahlia necklace

< binkaminka


Jules and Jim - necklace made of fabric and brass filigree in red, blue and turquoise colors


Marie Antoinette Necklace


Mumbai Nights 1 & 2


The Bride - Necklace created for Kill Bill character Beatrix 'The Bride' Kiddo


Memoirs of a Geisha Earrings


As red as blood lariat

Three Coins in the Fountain pearl necklace


Kyra - Pink Amethyst Nuggets and Silver earrings


I n n o c e n c e- necklace


The Blue Lagoon Necklace


The Postman Always Rings Twice earrings - zsb creations


Chocolate Molecule Coaster


jellyfish dance


The GENTLE EYE NEBULA - needle felted wearable art brooch


Azure Nuno felted shawl/scarf


Rita from said...

Great theme, Maria! And a real challenge for me :D I like it!

Sigmosaics said...

congrats Maria!! your insomnia ring is super gorgeous.

Very interesting and cool new theme :D

X by Leina Neima said...

Congrats!!!! And I do love this theme really much :)

ingermaaike said...

Big congrats for winning and a great theme!

Gila said...

Ha! That one I can do... :) Great theme - and congrats, stunning ring!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

This is going to be fun! First, congratulations on your insomnia ring! Second, my brain is beginning to work on your challenge!

binkaminka said...

Congratulations! Really inspiring theme!

Star of the East said...

Great theme, I love movies!! Only a bit difficult :)

fleurfatale said...

oooh, congrats for winning the challenge and what a cool new heme!!!

Arctida said...

Congrats! and what a cool theme! Love it :)

Totally Timmy said...

Congrats!! The ring is beautiful!

Amanda Yu said...

congratulation and I am looking forward to make one of the entry this week! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Leela! I love the theme very much!

matchstickgirl said...

brilliant looking forward to dreaming up something for this theme ...well done Leela !!!

Jane_Bo said...

Great theme!

Ravenhill said...

wonderful theme. I have been lousy at participating lately. I hope to give it a shot...

creationsbyeve said...

Congratsulations!!!You picked a fantastic theme, I'm a cinema fun too!!!!Gorgeous entries so far!!

Nicole said...

A great theme!

fleurfatale said...

oooh, beautiful entires so far,
I liked the theme very much!!!

ArtMind said...

Ohh, what a fantastic theme & I love all the entries! Amazing work form our team!
Congrats on winning the challenge and being such a wonderful host! I think it's fabulous that you post the poster pictures of the movies!
Happy weekend! :)

vadjutka said...

wow, such great entries, I love every piece!

Star of the East said...

Great theme and great entries!

Papermoonies said...

love your etsy shop look at those wonderful designs you create.
Happy days to you
conggrats on everything.
Love the challenges. I now follow you.

karuski said...

Congrats on your win! Entries are really fabulous, great job everyone! I just fell in love with geisha earrings, lovely colors and composition.

And thank for an add:)

BlueTerracotta said...

All the entries are really amazing, so many different things. I love the Marie Anoinette necklace!

X by Leina Neima said...

Wonderful entries!!!

Anonymous said...

They are all excellent entries!! Loving it!!!!!

matchstickgirl said...

utterly brilliant and fun theme ...loved it!!!

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