Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Artist Behind The Shop: Inger Maaike

Behind every creation of art, you can discover the exciting and absorbing personality of a wonderful artist.

Have you ever wondered what was the artist´s inspiration? or what are his/her interests?
Each human being leaves a mark, which shows his/her values, fears, passions... and last during generations.
The legacy of their work is not only what you can touch, but what you can´t see.

For all this, I want to introduce you the marvelous Inger Maaike.

1)When did you start crafting? What was your motivation?

I came frome the womb crafting I think, but you'd have to ask my mum if that is really true, the mind plays tricks sometimes. I can not remember a time when I was not making things.

2)Which one of your designs makes you feel prouder of yourself?

There is not one specific design that makes me feel more proud than an other. Just the fact that I taught myself and lived up to my own words, "I can find out how to do this" and then do it makes me very proud.

3)What kind of things inspire you?

Everything around me is inspiring, I observe, store and later it comes out in a different shape where I will have mixed textures and colors together to form something new. I never draw what I will make, it forms as I work.

4)Do you have any favorite book, movie, comic, etc? Which one and why is it your favorite?

I love reading, anything with letters will do. But if pushed then I have to say anything really weird and totally unexpected has my preference. I love to laugh so humor is vital.

5)If you could choose any fictional character (from books, movies, comics, etc), which one would you like to be? Why?

Indiana Jones, always wanted to be him. The adventure, resourcefulness, freedom. Yes that is the life!

6)Do you have any mania or obsession?

I am obsessive about the materials I work with, it has to be perfect in feel and look. For a scarf I can not live with coarse wool, the colors need to perfect too. That is why I taught myself to dye my wool as well. I can spend days scouring the net for just the right material.

7)Is there a place you´ve visited that left a big impression in you? If so, why?

I have traveled quite a bit and every where I went a lasting impression hs been left in my mind. The US vor it's vastness and absurd bigness in everything. The resilience of the country and it's people is most impressive.Indonesia with it's bustle and such skilled crafters, oh and the food. Just thinking of the food makes me drool again.Europe for all it's diversity but still unity, it's history.But of all the places I have visited, Istanbul remains my favorite. Friendly, colorful,delicious,warm,and the most wonderful smell.

8)Would you like to share any advice with your fellow artists?

Well advice is not something I take very often so I never feel very comfortble giving it. Do as you feel, follow your instinct and stop worrying..

9)Where can people find you? (blog, twitter, flickr, facebook...)

All over the web I' m to be found under the same name IngerMaaike. Type it in to Google and there I am, pages full of felt :-D

10)Anything else you´d like to share?

Be happy with who you are. You are beautiful, unique and by smiling and being happy you make the world more fun. And you only are here for a short time, enjoy it!

Thank you very much Inger! It has been a pleasure!
Please, don´t forget to visit her fantastic shop!


Sigmosaics said...

how wonderful to read this about Inger! i admire your work so much .. each new creation is always a beautiful surprise and i'm happy that i own a few of your beauties!!

thank you to both of you :D

TortillaGirl said...

Inger is a fantastic artist and I always enjoy seeing what new felt wonders she'll have in her shop next. I enjoyed reading more about her and getting another peek at her personal side. Thanks for sharing this interview!

ingermaaike said...

Thank you very much for giving me the oportunity to tell something of myself :-D

fleurfatale said...

oooh, I just loved reading this interview, inger is a vey wise person, a great personality!

ZenaZBlog said...

Great interview Inger!

Dina Fragola said...

Wonderful interview!

Kreativlink said...

Inger is such a wonderful human beeing, it shows in every piece she makes. There is that special Inger-shine that makes her work so glowing! :)

Star of the East said...

Such a wonderful interview, thanks for sharing girls!

Perfumes Bighouse said...

Muito interessante! Uma personalidade sensível e criativa. Uma artista. Beijocas. Elisabeth
Very interesting! A sensible and creative personality. An artist. XOXO.Elisabeth

Jane_Bo said...

Very interesting interview with Inger! Thank you!

Jennifer said...

This is a beautifuland inspiring interview! I loved the advice was exactly something that I needed to hear :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful pics and interview! As much as Inger too. Great feature! Inger is very inspirational, wise, and loving, and she inputs all these into her designs, which you can see are very free-flowing of her inner creativity.

ayca said...

Oh Leela what a nice interview:)
I love Inger and her creations:) the way she looks to the life:)
thanks dear:)

ArtMind said...

Inger is just the coolest! Supersweet person and a great artist! What a nice feature on her! :)

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