Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Artist Behind The Shop: Minna Soininen

Soft, beautiful, tender, elegant... I think these adjectives fit perfectly Minna´s work behind Karuski, her shop. Her delicate and pretty style is a very clear distinctive of her art.

Today, I invite you to know a bit more of the lovely Minna:

When did you start crafting? What was your motivation?

It must have started at the age of 6 when my parents put me into kids art school. I took painting, drawing and pottery lessons there on weekly basis for until I turned 12. Later on I attended a fine art school for oil painting but I realized this wasn't the right medium for me any longer. After many turns I ended up into a university of applied arts and chose textile design as my major. I think I couldn't do anything else than craft & design after all (I have tried office job as well!).

Which one of your designs makes you feel prouder of yourself?

When I have discovered something new in terms of design, material combination or technique it usually makes me feel satisfied on the result. So it's not about any specific item or design but a successful process, I think.

What kind of things inspire you?

Nature, soft light, vintage items and photos, old school typography to name a few things.

Do you have any favorite book, movie, comic, etc? Which one and why is it your favorite?

Pippi Longstocking and Moomin stories are among my very favorites. I adore Pippi's fearless attitude towards everything and Moomin stories have a great, joyful life philosophy. Their creators Astrid Lindgren and Tove Jansson were so clever women!

Do you have any mania or obsession?

Sometimes when I start making a series of items I cannot stop before it is finished. It can mean that I will be sewing until 4 am for instance. I prefer working night time though!

Is there a place you´ve visited that left a big impression in you? If so, why?

Japan definitely. It is a country of great contrasts and never ceases amazing me.

Would you like to share any advice with your fellow artists?

Work hard and always try to show off work you are totally happy with. Think about the big picture but don't forget that details often make a difference.

Where can people find you? (blog, twitter, flickr, facebook...)

I also contribute to EuropeanStreetTeam's blog ( ) on monthly basis by editing the series The Favorite Places. Come to say hi!

Anything else you´d like to share?

Enjoy the summertime, take a rest! Thanks for inviting me to your blog Maria!

Thank you very much dear Minna! It has been a pleasure!
Please, don´t forget to visit her wonderful shop!


michele said...

Lovely interview!
Thank you!

Ripper Arts said...

I hadn't see her shop before. Thank you for sharing! Great interview.

karuski said...

Thank you Maria, it was great being featured on your blog! Have a lovely summer!


ingermaaike said...

How lovely to read something of Minna's wonderful life :-D

Sigmosaics said...

So lovely to read more about you Minna .. I love your work! Maria's introduction is perfect in capturing your style :)

Thanks for sharing both Minna and Maria !!

ira said...

Nice to find out more about Minna:)

creationsbyeve said...

lovely feature!

Star of the East said...

Wonderful interview!!

Stéphanie Kilgast said...

adorable feature!

Meekiyu said...

wow beautiful little shop with such delicate things... it looks almost etheral.... love the new layout of your blog... I've been out of the blog loop... but it looks very cool! =D

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