Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Strange Statues From Around The World

Few days ago, I found a very interesting website with a lot of very impressive statues from all over the world.

These statues are a great representation of the artistical and cultural concept in different countries, and I thought it would be interesting to share them with you.

What you can see here are a few from my favorites, but you can see a lot more HERE.

This house with the shark really impressed me!

This person floating in the water is really well made!

Oh, a space cow!

This one is really surprising. I love the fact that the statue itself it´s pretty normal, just upside down!

This one made me laugh :)

This one is very cool! I love the colors and shapes.

I hope you enjoyed these statues.

Thanks for reading!


mamutopia said...

Oh fun! Thanks for sharing :)

Michele said...

They are really impressive!

Star of the East said...

I don't like the finger, but love the floating person and many others!

ingermaaike said...

Oh wow that is so very superb, gonna browse the site :-D

baahar said...

love the space cow :)

creationsbyeve said...

very impressive!

Emily said...

how fun is that? I love art like this that is so accessable to everyone. The bunny couple really grabbed my attention, so sweet!

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