Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Strange Wedding Cakes - Part I

Have you ever seen any cake like these ones in a wedding? I found a lot of interesting concepts and designs, and I wanted to share them with you. This is the first part.

This one is very cool, great for math´s lovers!

This is really cute and funny!

This one is one of my favorites, really stunning design.

Oh, King Kong!

This one is truly beautiful!

What´s your favorite?
For more strange wedding cakes, stay tuned! I´ll be posting the second part soon!
Thank´s for reading! :)


ArtMind said...

Hehe, do you have plans, Maria?
Some of them I would just want to bite in! :)

kraplap said...

Hilarious Maria !

Dina Fragola said...

Oh, I love the first Shrek one! And I am very puzzled by the Star Wars one...Luke and Leia getiing married? Together? ;)

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Wow those are quite interesting!

PetitPlat Food Art said...

I love the cemetery XD that's just too fun!!

But otherwise, I would like to replicate the last one in mini!

thanks for sharing :)

LeelaBijou said...

Hehe Dina, I have no idea why they put Luke and Leia in the cake, lol!

Petit, I´d love to see a mini like that! The result could look very cute! :)

Mitsy, no plans yet, but who knows in few years? :)

baahar said...

The graveyard one is weird :)

I love the Pacman one :)

Star of the East said...


eleanors said...

This is just incredible ... all of them are worth to get displayed in a museum of curiosities!

Anonymous said...

I believe the gravyard one is a divorce cake. They make little coffins like that for when people get divorced.

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