Friday, November 6, 2009

A Surprise In My Mail Box!

Do you know who made this beautiful brooch I´m wearing on this picture? Yes! The wonderful and amazing Petronella from Kraplap and P8accessories !

Yesterday, when I arrived home, I found out this big package from Germany. I was completely surprised and even my cat was curious about it, hehe (he was sniffing the box, I think he was thinking "oh, here´s something yummy!"...).

Well, my cat was right! As here you can see the content was this gorgeous squash!

And here´s the beautiful brooch she also sent me! Can´t wait to try the recipe she included, I´ll be blogging about the results, hehe.

And here I am, showing very proud my new brooch and yummy squash!
Thank you so much dear P8! It was a really big surprise! :)

You can find Petronella´s shops here:


kraplap said...

You look so lovely with the brooch, and the pumpkin, Maria !

ira said...

Oh Maria, both yummy!:)))
I don't know which one I like best! How wonderful for petronella to do that:)

ingermaaike said...

How cool! What a fun surprise to find in your mailbox :-D

Star of the East said...

Such a sweet suprise!

evihan said...

I have been telling for many timess...this team is GREAATTT..and I am happy with you girlsss

evihan said...

this is such a FUNNY team...and I am happy with you girlssss

Adorebynat said...

Aww, I always love surprises! The brooch and squash just look so lovely. Lucky you :-)

Tina said...

Lovely brooch!

Barbara said...

lovely surprise!

ArtMind said...

Haha, so funny, Petronella sent squash all over Europe I think! :)
I'll be blogging about mine soon! :)
I love the brooch - it fits you beautiful! :)

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