Thursday, January 14, 2010

EST Weekly Challenge

This week, the wonderful host of the Weekly Challenge of the EST on Etsy, has chosen a very difficult, yet very interesting and creative theme: "Make something NEW".

In her words: "I want to really challenge you this time to - make something you never did before!I want you to come out of your comfort zone and experiment. Try something new! Something you never really did before!"

So, I´ve been learning sewing techniques recently and I thought that I could make this for the challenge:

It has been really funny to make and a fantastic challenge theme!
Thank you Renate!
See the ret of the entries here:
And find more about the wonderfull host here:


jealousydesign said...

What a gorgeous challenge entry; time for one more shop with this new line maybe ? :)

Loddelina said...

Well done! A lovely challenge entry!

Anonymous said...

this is a gorgeous piece! well done for it! :)

kraplap said...

awesome ! and did you sew in a zipper ? because then you are a profi ! gorgeous fabric too.

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