Thursday, April 8, 2010

Virtual Trip To Gran Canaria: Part I

Few weeks ago, I took some pictures of my city and I thought it would be interesting to share a bit of the place I live with all of you. So I took my camera again and went for a walk. And here they are!

First, I would like to show you a map, where you can see the place I took the photos. In the black circle of the map it is shown a part of the city of Las Palmas, in Gran Canaria.

In this first picture what you are seeing is a park called La Feria. Here you will find several shops, a skate board space and in the sorrounding area, the Comandancia Marina (military building).

This one is a park called San Telmo and it´s very close to a very important bus station and a very crowded comercial street, Triana. The San Telmo station is the central one, so if you come from the airport (our airport is outside the city, 30 kms away, more or less) to the city, this will probably be your first destination.

The tree you can see in the middle of this picture (at the right of the second Palm tree) is a Drago, a very typical tree here. It´s shorter than the Palm trees. What you can also see here is a terrace, with tables and chairs. A very pleasant place to have a drink and a nice chat with your friends.

Another view of the terrace.

Here you can see a monument called Obelisco, it´s situated very close to several faculties of the ULPG College and also very close to a group of high schools.

This bus is the "tourist bus", a two floor mini bus which offers a tour around the city for a low price. Here, it is sunny almost all year, so if you choose the top floor, use sun protection! (Otherwise, you will be sun burned and won´t be able to move in a couple of days without pain... , so be careful with the sun here).

And here´s a detail of something very typical here: the balconies, adorned with plants and flowers. I´ll be taking more pictures of beautiful balconies here.

I hope you enjoyed this mini trip. Next week, I´ll publish another virtual trip.
Have a wonderful Thursday!


Michelle said...

Love Cran Canaria, when I was younger,
I was there many Times for Holidays:)

Arctida said...

What a great "trip" :) I always wanted to visit Gran Canaria but somehow Greece came in the way every time :) but maybe this year I will finally visit that beautiful island! Your pictures have inspired me to that :)

kraplap said...

I love those balconies Maria !

shebbodesign said...

I would love to visit Gran Canaria one day :)
thanks for sharing!

florcita said...

Que bueno! Es un tour por Canarias!!! Que lindas fotos, que cielo azul!!!
En Buenos Aires, en ARG, tenemos un obelisco tambien...
Queremos mas tour!

Spacejams Vintage said...

I was on Tenerife a couple of years I have been on Gran Canaria=)) Than you!1 Wanna go there one day.

gr8jewellery said...

So beautiful! Thank you for this virtual tour ... I look forward to seeing more! :)

Sigmosaics said...

this is a lovely idea Maria ... have been meaning to do something like this for my blog too. I love your city, it looks wonderful and I especially love the photo of the balcony .. those cacti are AMAZING, i don't think i've seen those before (the ball ones)! I really look forward to seeing & reading more about your beautiful island :D xox Kerrin

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