Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Virtual Trip To Gran Canaria: Part III

This week I would like to invite you to another virtual trip for my city. Have you missed previous virtual trips? Check them here!

Today we are visiting Las Palmas Cathedral and surrounding areas.

Here you can see a park which is very near to the Atlantic Ocean.

This is a picture of the Nestor Alamo statue, which was a very important artist here.

This gate is one of the entrances to the Colombus Museum.
Colombus stayed in the Islands for a while and that´s why they created this wonderful museum.

The whole area surrounding the Museum is very quite and calm.

Quiet corners to have a nice chat, drinking coffee, tea, having a snack...

This is the Perez Galdos Theater, which is divided in two parts: the older one, built in 1890, and the modern one, built less than ten years ago.

Here you can see the Mercado de Vegueta, a market who was opened by the Queen Isabel II.
It has been remodeled recently and now it looks so much nicer on the inside and outside too.

Details of the sorrounding streets, like this amazing gargoyle. On the right picture you can see the flags of the CAAM, an important artistic modern museum.

A bunch of beautiful and typical balconies.

A funny thing I noticed recently is that the City Council has put this plate in several historical buildings, so now any tourist can phone this number and receive information about the place he or she is visiting, in different languages.

Here are some views of the Santa Ana Plaza.

A curios fact here, the Canary Islands were called this way because of the word dog in latin, which is Can. And few statues of cans situated in the Santa Ana Plaza represent this origin.

And here it is, the Cathedral.

And here are some views of the Council Building.

And here is me again, just saying thank you to all of you who read this post, I hope you had enjoyed it!

See you next week on another virtual trip!


Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

thank YOU sweetie !! what a gorgeous blog spot . I don't like it ... I LOVE it :) makes me want to jump on a plane ...well maybe not a plane right now ;) ;)


Michelle said...

Oh I wish I could be there!!!!!!!!!!!!

kraplap said...

great trip again Maria; I did not know the dog fact about the name canaria (although I know latin, I never thought about it). Do you have any idea why ??? Was there a special dog breed ?
And I love those wooden balkons !

LeelaBijou said...

Thanks for your comments, I´m very glad you liked it :)

P8, yes, there is a specific dog breed here, the Presa Canario, which is this dog:
Don´t let his looks intimidate you, these dogs have an excellent behaviour and they learn very fast :)

Adorebynat said...

Such a beautiful historic place..awww...I wish I'm there.

zsazsazsu said...

I was in lpa 24 years ago and only remember the beach ... so thanks for sharing these beautiful sites and updating my knowledge about this destination !

ArtMind said...

Aaahh, even though it is Gran Canaria, it still reminds me of Tenerife too! It looks superpretty Maria - lucky you to live in such a lovely -and warm- place! :)

Mortira said...

What a wonderful tour! Do you find that you love your city even more when sharing it with others? It's a great way to see your surroundings in a new way.

I'd like to invite you to play the 6th Photo game!

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