Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Makes You Happy {Photo Mosaic}

This week, the host of the Mosaic game Mitsy, has asked to the participants to make a themed mosaic: "Happy". So I have collected all the things I could that make me happy and put them in this mosaic. I hope you like it.
The things are:
-Simling people
-A good movie
-Family and friends
-The sea
- The calm places
-A good book
-The small things of life


Florcita said...

Small little things says it all, what a cute mosaic!!!! Saludos desde Holanda!

anka said...

Lovely mosaic. Some of your happy is also my happy. Seeing your mosaic made me smile :)

zsazsazsu said...

waw, and yes those things would make everybody happy I think !

Nauli said...

I guess making this mosaic let you smile, like it let me smile.

ArtMind said...

Happy Maria! I love the small things of life... they are the best! ;)

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