Monday, April 18, 2011

Prince William And Kate Middleton Wedding: Fun Facts And Details

The Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is less than 15 days away, and it´s considered "the wedding of the year" for many people. Here are a few curiosities and fun facts that maybe you didn´t know: 1) At Buckingham Palace garage lies the State Landau, a horse-draw carriege in which the newlyweds will make their first tour of London. It was built in 1902 for the coronation of King Edward VII and since then it has been used for the decades by Queen Elizabeth II, was the same that Prince Charles and Lady Diana used to greet the British in 1981 after their wedding, and also was used by the Duke of York in 1986. 2) The wedding will be celebrated in the Westminster Abbey. It is located in London and it is Gothic church that has traditionally served as the scene of coronations of British monarchs. This is the same temple where the funeral of Lady Diana was celebrated.

3) The couple will start their marriage life in North Wales. They will life in the island of Anglesey, where for more than half year they will moved temporarily into a white-fronted house for rent.
4) A lot of souvenirs have been created for this event. Here a few examples:

5) After the wedding, the couple will probably follow the tradition in will show them in the balcony of the Buckingham Palace.

6) A company has used the Royal Wedding theme to make a funny advert:

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zsazsazsu said...

I most certainly enjoyed this post about the royal madness ;-)

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