Tuesday, June 21, 2011

At The Beach... Photo Mosaic

1. Beach Landscape Kid, 2. Beach Clouds, 3. Blyth Northumberland beach huts at sunrise 18-03-11, 4. Summer Beach

For many people here, they will be able to enjoy some vacation days soon (most kids finish school in a week or two and families will start travelling) . This mosaic is dedicated to all those who will have their Holydays at the beach.

More mosaics at www.artmind-etcetera.blogspot.com


anka said...

Can't wait for the beach, sand and breeze week. Sea, here I come!
Great choices, I love the peaceful feeling of the images

zsazsazsu said...

peaceful your mosaic ! Love your new bloglayout too !

Nauli said...

Would love to have holidays on the beach. But it looks like there's no way for this week. A little bit of hot sunshine would be fabulous enough...

ArtMind said...

Boohoo! I have neither: no holiday nor a beach! But I hope those who have will enjoy the most of it!
Happy vacations, Maria! :)

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