Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Food Mosaic and Recipes

1. Food , 2. Food, 3. Food photography-Dessert (img 10), 4. Food photography, 5. food-1277, 6. Food Porn, 7. Food project 40 - Granola fruit yogurt breakfast, 8. Food photography, 9. Parsi Food: Mutton Berry Pulav

Following the theme suggested by Mitsy (mosaic´s game host), I made this mosaic inspired by deliciously looking, colorful food.

And if you are interested in food recipes, I have blogged several. You can read them HERE.

More mosaic at www.artmind-etcera.blogspot.com


zsazsazsu said...

I would eat all of it !

dindi said...

Looks delicious!

ArtMind said...

Some of those images are little pieces of artwork!

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