Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Did you know...?

Some days ago, I stopped by an interesting website which contained a lot of funny and curious facts.

Here, I show you some I specially liked.

"Pork is the world's most widely-eaten meat.

The world's smallest dog is the Chihuahua, which means "tiny dog in the sky."

A giraffe can clean its ears with its 50cm (20 in) tongue.

A crocodile's tongue is attached to the roof of its mouth and cannot move it.

Millions of trees are accidentally planted by squirrels who bury nuts and then forget where they hid them.

Ian Fleming's
James Bond debuted in the novel "Casino Royale" in 1952.

The Statue of Liberty is the largest hammered copper statue in the world.

The largest statue in the world is Mount Rushmore, the heads of four US Presidents carved into the Black Hills near Keystone. The heads are 18 m (60 ft) tall.

When Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1912, 6 replicas were sold as the original, each at a huge price, in the 3 years before the original was recovered.

Hiccups happen when the diaphragm, the muscle that controls our breathing, becomes irritated and start to spasm and contract uncontrollably. With each contraction, air is pulled into the lungs very quickly, passes through the voice box, and then the epiglottis closes behind the rush of air, shaking the vocal chords, causing the "hic" sound. The irritation can be caused by rapid eating, emotional stress and even some diseases. The best cure? Breathing into a paper bag. This calms the diaphragm by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in your bloodstream.

On average, people can hold their breath for about one minute. The world record is 15 minutes 2 seconds, by Tom Sietas

If the amount of water in your body is reduced by just 1%, you'll feel thirsty.

A person can live without food for about a month, but only about a week without water.

Men lose about 40 hairs a day. Women lose about 70 hairs a day.

If all your DNA is stretched out, it would reach to the moon 6,000 times.

Every person has a unique tongue print.

A green diamond is the rarest diamond.

On every continent there is a city called Rome.

chocolate was invented by Daniel Peter, who sold the concept to his neighbour Henri Nestlé.

To make one kilo of honey
bees have to visit 4 million flowers, traveling a distance equal to 4 times around the earth.

Botanically speaking, the banana is a herb and the
tomato is a fruit.

Bananas consistently are the number one compliant of grocery shoppers. Most people complain when bananas are overripe or even freckled. The fact is that spotted bananas are sweeter, with a sugar content of more than 20%, compared with 3% in a green banana.

Over the last 40 years food production actually increased faster than

US citizens watch the most TV. By age 65, an American would have watched the equivalent of 9 years uninterrupted screening, viewing more than 20,000 TV commercials per year.

In Terminator 2 - Judgement Day, Arnold Schwarzenegger received a salary of $15 million; the 700 words he spoke translates to $21,429 per word. "Hasta la vista, baby" thus cost $85,716.

In the West the most popular male names are James and John. The most popular female name is Mary.

Nessie, the Loch Ness monster is protected by the 1912 Protection of Animals Acts of Scotland. With good reason - Nessie is worth $40 million annually to Scottish tourism.

US and European expenditure on pet food is $17 billion per year."

If you liked these ones or you would love to read more, find them HERE.

Thanks for reading!


CAT Productions said...

Those are interesting tidbits! Thanks for sharing!

kim* said...

the green diamond is pretty too. also the crocs tongue makes sense since it chomps up and down like that

Kathy said...

Those were great! I love that stuff. Thanks!

esque said...

How fun! The squirrel and Nessie ones were my favorites!


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