Friday, September 30, 2011

Introducing Lulu! Our new cat!

I´m so happy to introduce you to our new cat, Lulu!

She´s currently 4 months old and it´s the cutest and funiest cat. She´s also very smart and has learned new tricks very fast.

Lulu is very quiet and behaves well (at least for now! If you ever had kittens you know what I mean, haha!) and she loves being with people.

She´s quickly getting along with our older cat and they already play together.

As the rest of our pets, we rescued her. She was the last one of her herd.

I hope you will like these pictures and stay tuned for more in the future because she seems to love the camera!

Have a great weekend!


zsazsazsu said...

what a cutie !!!!

Kreativlink said...

Ohh! She's a beauty! :)

PetitPlat Food Art - S. Kilgast said...

aaaaaaaaaaaw *melting in her socks*
I loove cats!
Such a cutie pie ^^

creationsbyeve said...

ahhhh!how cute!she looks adorable!!

dindi said...

Such a beautiful cat! Adorable!

SirliMosaic said...

Oh my, how adorable :))))

Lucie said...

oh my, she's adorable!

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