Thursday, November 6, 2008

How to Choose the Perfect Present for the Holidays

Sometimes, it is really hard to know what could be a good present for someone.

Especially, in this moment of the year, we start our search and we wish we can find something perfect for our friends and family.

Digging a bit, I have found some useful tips to help us choosing the best for our loved ones:

1- Know the colors: try to make a list of the colors you know they like. This could save you a lot of time and gives you a good hint of what you shouldn´t buy.

2- Their job: some people really appreciate the functional presents, things they can use every day.

3- Hobbies: if you know that person has a special hobby, go for it and try to give him/her something related as a present.

4- Be original: it is important to remember what you gave them last year as a present; if you repeat the present, they could think you don´t care enough to choose something different every year.

5- Sizes: if you are not sure about the size of that person, try asking some friend. But don´t risk if you don´t have a clue, exchanges can be annoying.

6- Allergies: if you are thinking about jewels or skin care products, be informed about the receiver´s allergies.

7- Age: a ten years old boy doesn´t like the same things than a forty years old woman.

8- What does she/he need?: new shoes?, a bag that could replace her 5 years old one?, soap?

9- Surprise: don´t leave clues behind! It´s better when that person is truly surprised.

10- Pack it beautifully: the first impression is so important! Use laces, ribbons, nice wrapping papers, include a card…

A great source of ideas is Etsy. Visit this site and find a lot of beautiful handmade items.


DreamON said...

Great shopping tips! And Congrats on your 1st blogiversary.

LeelaBijou said...

Thank you!

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