Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift wrapping idea found HERE

If you already have started wrapping presents for this Holidays or if you are about to start, maybe these ideas could be useful. I´m always looking for new ways to surprise my friends and family, so I collected some tips to make more appealing the gifts for them.

Gift wrapping idea found HERE

1) Use laces and ribbons.

2) Tissue paper is a great option that can embellish the present and there are many colors to choose.

3) Vivid and rich colors.

4) The combination of two matching colors is very elegant.

5) Drapery tassels can give it a "Victorian" look.

Gift wrapping idea found HERE

6) Strong single colors, offset by white, are dramatic and very effective.

7) Using things related to the gift can be a great idea.

8) Mesh fruit bags are very handy.

9) Add little figures, like small trees or stars.

10) If you know the colors that the receiver likes, that´s a plus and you can use them to wrapp the gift.

Gift wrapping idea found HERE
For more wrapping ideas, you can visit the links above and also HERE.
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Adorebynat said...

So pretty! Don't feel like opening the present :-)

Meekiyu said...

Those are some nifty ideas... I love the pictures illustrating them! I have never thought of a fruit mesh thing to come in so handy and look so elegant! I may hold onto that idea when I visit my SO parents and bring them a bottle of wine.

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