Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Parties Hairstyles

Here I bring you some ideas to look fabulous at this Holidays parties.

You can find more styles like these at plus some good recomendations.

This kind of hairstyle was found at , where you will find a lot of tips for different sorts of hair: short, long, curly...

Another good site for very detailed hairstyles is

I enjoyed these three sites very much and I hope you will enjoy them too.

Thanks for reading!


Sara said...

I love Rhianna's (that IS Rhianna, right? My gosh, I'm out of touch.)! But I'm terrified of short hair.

I really hope that is Rhianna...

The third one (Veronica Mars--don't know her real name) would work for my current hair, though!

I have a Christmas party on Tuesday night, so thanks for these!

kim* said...

i will try to do something cute this year with my hair...

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