Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Work This Past Week: New Designs

During this past week I´ve been adding new designs to my stores.

This is the Blue Ocean necklace, which is a limited edition at this moment because this color from Swarovski crystals is really hard to find (they produce few units in this color).

This is the Cherry Bracelet. A design based on the beauty of the Italian crystals and the charms used.

The Black Panther ring is another of the designs added this week. I love the color of this crystal, which many people find very stylish.

And last, but not least, De Parma ring. Made with a Swarovski crystal baguette, is another new addition.

All these designs are available on my two online stores:

I also make custom designs, so if you like any of these in another color, just contact me.

On the other hand, I´m working on the February LeelaBijou´s Newsletter, that will include some very interesting promotions (discounts, special codes and much more only for subscribing!).

If you are interested in joining my mailing list, you can do it by subscribing in the box at the right column of my blog, or contact me and I´ll add you!

Thanks for reading!


Times And Chimes said...

The blue necklace is so beautiful!

kim* said...


LeelaBijou said...

Thank you! :)

Btw, Kim, I love your new avatar.

365 Letters said...

Beautiful work! I love that bracelet!

Julie said...

That necklace is so beautiful!

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