Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award

I´ve been honored with this award by the wonderful Kerrin (a.k.a. Sigmosaics). Thank you so much!

I have to name 7 things I love and then name more people who I think deserve this award, so here we go!:

1) I love eating chocolate bars. My favorite one is called "Picnic".

2)Animals are a big passion for me, specially cats.

3)Movies. I love watching them, all kind of genres.

4) The colors pink and blue.

5)Singing and music in general.

6)Everything related with new technologies.

7)Bags and purses...I have a lot of them!

And here are the ones I´d like to honor with this award:




StarOf theEast




Thanks for reading!


Star of the East said...

I love half of the things you love :D Congrats on the award and thank you so much for passing it to me too :)

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your wonderful award!

ingermaaike said...

Congrts on winning and thanks for awarding :-)

Jane_Bo said...

Congratulations and thank you very much for awarding me!

ArtMind said...

Interesting things you love - very similar to mine! :)
Thank you for passing the award to me. Leela, I have taken a little break from tagging and awards recently. Don't get me wrong: I love this award but I've received it a few times already and I have not much interesting things to share about me! LOL :)

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