Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Artist Behind The Shop: Kristina {KTPaperCrafts}

Today I´d like to introduce you to the lovely Kristina from KTPaperCrafts.
Let´s know a little bit more her and her wonderful work:

When did you start crafting? What was your motivation?

I’ve always really enjoyed doing crafty things, but really realized how much I loved making people cards just within the past few years. I was married two years ago and made all of my paper crafts; save the dates, invitations, programs, place cards, table numbers, you name it, I made it. I had so much fun designing everything that I decided it was my goal to open a paper crafting store on Etsy some day. I finally started up in March and have had great results so far!

Which one of your designs makes you feel prouder of yourself?

I really love all of my designs. I feel like every time I finish one I claim it to be my favorite. The one that I’m most proud of though would be my wedding card with money holder, ( ). I created it using an old pocketfold from when I was designing my wedding invites. We’ve all seen cards with money holders before but I’d never seen made with a pocketfold like this so I was really proud that I came up with what I thought was a pretty original idea.

What kind of things inspire you?

I get inspired by looking at other cards and crafts. While I NEVER copy anybody’s work it gives me ideas on how things can come together. Often I’ll see a card at a store and think, “I can make that,” and go home with it in my head but come out with something completely different. I love to see where my creativity can take me.

Do you have any favorite book, movie, comic, etc?

Which one and why is it your favorite?My all time favorite book is “The Pact” by Jodi Picoult. It is such a classic and sad story of teenage love. I love all of Jodi's books. If you haven’t read her before, you must start, she is wonderful! My favorite movie is “Love Actually.” When I saw the trailer for the movie I had this crazy urge to see it. I just knew I would absolutely love it. I saw it in the theatres three times, bought it, and I still put it on while I’m doing chores, or crafting, and always while I’m putting up my Christmas tree.

If you could choose any fictional character (from books, movies, comics, etc), which one would you like to be? Why?

I would be Frances from “Under the Tuscan Sun.” That movie made me miss my time in Europe so much. I would love to be able to just move away to a little European villa, even with the ups and downs she experiences in the movie.

Do you have any mania or obsession?

Yes! I can’t stand listening to people eat! It makes my insides twist like a rope. My poor husband doesn’t even dare eat chips in the same room as me anymore.

Is there a place you´ve visited that left a big impression in you? If so, why?

My junior year in college I studied abroad in Seville, Spain. Its been seven years since then, and I still talk about my time there almost daily. I’ve never seen such a place with such beauty, culture, and style. Even though I was only there for four very short months, I hold Spain, especially Andalucia, in a very special place in my heart.

Would you like to share any advice with your fellow artists?

If you think you have a talent and you want to share it, do it! I spent a lot of time telling myself I wasn’t ready to open my Etsy shop. I came up with so many excuses; time, money, was I really good enough? Finally I just threw my hat in and I’ve been amazed at the success I’ve found during my short time on Etsy.

Where can people find you? (blog, twitter, flickr, facebook...)

Blog (I feature Etsy sellers):

Anything else you´d like to share?

I love custom work, so if you have an idea and want to see what I can do with it, let me know! I recently just finished 300 wedding menus for a client, and I’m working on my cousin’s wedding invitations and save-the-dates. I love finding different ways to make traditional products interesting and fun.Thank you so much for including me on your blog!

Thank you so much! It was a real pleasure! :) Please, don´t forget to visit her shop!


Barbara said...

lovely artist!
Thanks for sharing!

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