Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Artist Behind The Shop: Susie Davis

This week, I invite you to know a little bit more about the lovely Susie Davis!

When did you start crafting? What was your motivation?

I started making blank floral greeting cards since I was around 12 or 13. I have had a lot of artistic, creative people in my life growing up. I had a Great Aunt Helen in Michigan who made every craft you can imagine if it had to do with sewing. She made fabric clowns out of fabric disks.. you couldn’t believe the craftsmanship on them. She knitted and crocheted a LOT and baked Greek pastries and had a veggie and herb garden where I could not get enough of sniffs of mint. My Mom and Aunt are crafty as well. Mom and I used to make all my report covers by hand and my Aunt, Mom and I would pretty much
compete in the valentine card making department! It was a real hoot. I sold my cards in my Dad’s card and gifts shop in Chicago. They flew off the shelves!

Which one of your designs makes you feel prouder of yourself?

There are different crafts of which I am very proud. I love the shell wreaths because they take so much time and the love comes from the shells being hand picked by my Mom, my late Grandmother and Aunt on the Atlantic shores of Florida. I felt I needed to put these to good use. I have also made shell balls, covering foam balls with loads of shells for my friend who has a beach home.

I am so proud of all my designs, but doing special orders for invitations is the most fun and the art of which I am most proud. A recent request from a Mom who had an invite that she needed for her son who was into Hot Wheels and wanted a pool party. She took a stab at me making a custom invite. I love what I came up with! A Hot Wheels looking truck with a pool water finish loaded up in the back with pool toys! Very cute. Very fun.

What kind of things inspire you?

Color truly inspires me. I love color combinations that work. I love bright colors, I love muted colors. My work is mostly vibrant and fun while my home is muted in the family room, although, all the other rooms are painted with striking colors; teal, red, yellow, adobe, lavender…it’s a real site! But it works and says a bunch about my husband and me.

Do you have any favorite book, movie, comic, etc?

I really enjoy romantic comedic movies. I love to laugh!

If you could choose any fictional character (from books, movies, comics, etc), which one would you like to be? Why?

Gee, one year in college for a party, I dressed up as LUCY from the Charlie Brown comic strip. I found an old, thick, red, polyester dress at a thrift store. I wore it and made my hair like hers since I’ve got close to black hair myself! She’s a strong character. I like how she manipulates Charlie Brown to do what she wants him to do. She’s tough and knows what she wants. I like that in a person.

Do you have any mania or obsession?

I’m sort of obsessed with what’s happening to our country at the moment. I have a 15 yr old son and am worried for him and his family that someday the taxes will be so high that no matter what they do, they will not be able to afford anything. It’s truly frightening for me!

Is there a place you´ve visited that left a big impression in you?

I will never forget my childhood summers spend almost entirely in Traverse City, Michigan. My wonderful grandparents took care of us three kids who were dropped off by my parents after a brief stay. We had family come and go in that house. My grandmother baked and cooked way before we awoke and then took us for a full day to the bay to play at the state park beach. When we came back, a fabulous dinner always awaited us a la my grandfather. We all made lifelong friends along with making great memories with our cousins. Traverse City, the cherry capitol of the world , was the greatest spot to be in the summer. I’ll never forget it.

Would you like to share any advice with your fellow artists?

Everyone always tells me it will take time. You really do have to put yourself out there. I thought when I opened my e-commerce store in June, 2007, that it was going to catch on with no problem. ..afterall, nobody had personalized items like mine. They are totally unique, fun and full of attractive colors~ BUT, you must put yourself out there. Every venue the world has to offer. So now, I am starting to look into fairs as well, albeit, fairs that don’t ask for an arm and a leg. Also, market your merchandise to the groups who you believe will be purchasing your items.

Where can people find you? (blog, twitter, flickr, facebook...)

You can find the most personalized items at

I have an Artfire shop at


More cards on cartfly under sooboodesigns

I have a blog at

And I am on twitter under sooboodesigns and on flickr under sooboodesigns and also have a facebook acct. You can connect to me at the above at the Artfire Shop where it has links.

Anything else you´d like to share?

I just hope for all the handmaidens out there, that the economy will grow once again. It’s important that small businesses like ours thrive; it’s how our country became the great country it is; the country where everyone else wants to live.. the American way of life with all of our freedoms.


Thank you very much Susie!

Don´t forget to visit her wonderful shop!


Emily said...

Love these wonderful interviews and a peek into this amazing artist's life!

Arctida said...

Very cool! Always fun to get to know an artist a little bit better :)

Star of the East said...

Lovely interview and shop!

Susie said...

I am so happy you chose SooBoo Designs for people to read about! The interview was FUN to do... because it wasn't just the standard questions. Thanks so much and I look forward to reading about other artists/artisans!

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