Wednesday, November 4, 2009

About the Luck Of Meeting Wonderful People

Sometimes I realize that, in few years, I´ve met wonderful people through all the social networks I´m in. One of them is the lovely Shannon Nelson.

Although I´m not sure, I would say it was a year ago when I luckily met her and found out her awesome website (which you should check out!).
Recently, it has been her 4 years Anniversary of her blog, you can read the full story HERE.

And I´m so happy because I can see one of the rings she purchased from me in the videos! Check it out!

Yes, it is this ring!

Please, visit I promise you will have a fantastic time reading her articles, as she is a terrific writer.

Oh, if you´d like to read what she wrote about me few months ago, HERE you can do it!


ingermaaike said...

How wonderful the net is!

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a nice moment to meet people and your ring looks so beautiful on her finger!

kraplap said...

wow congrats Maria !

Shannon Nelson said...

Maria I love your jewelry--you are so talented and I am glad we crossed paths online! xo

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