Thursday, February 11, 2010

Carnival In The Canaries

Here in the Canary Islands, there is a great tradition of celebrating the Carnival, so today with these pictures I want to make you trave to my city and enjoy this party.

We choose a Queen, a senior Queen and also a junior. The costumes are very elaborated and heavy, but also very spectacular.

There is a big parade, where everybody can participate and be part of the party. A lot of music, colors and feathers...

Also, we have a big stage where many galas, concerts and events for children are celebrated.

Our Carnival last three weeks and every weekend there are celebrations on the streets, with people dancing disguised with their original costumes.

I hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour ! And if you happen to be in the Canaries this weekend, enjoy the big parade! :)


MadeInCanarias said...

Great photos! So bad I can't be there this year.

zsazsazsu said...

Very spectacular ! Nice to see some sunshine, here we will have
Carnival in the cold with lots of
clothes on :-(

ingermaaike said...

So cool! I'd love to see it all live one day :-D

kraplap said...

wow ; look at those costumes ! fabulous !

Meekiyu said...

goodness gracious those costumes are beautiful! I can't imagine wearing one of them... but they're a sight to behold =D

Nauli said...

What a warm carneval. Totally different to the one in Germany... We are freezing!

Crystal from KIZZ said...

Awesome pictures! thanx for sharing that! wow! did you have a good time?

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