Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Creative Space: Leather And Photoshooting

Lately, I´ve been working on leather bracelets like this one you are seeing here, which is called "Peace and Love" (the meaning of the letters) .

Also, I finished all these rings last week. This was a special custom order.

And here are some trials of some new photoshooting I´m trying to make this week. I´ve been recommended to add modeled photos to my listings and I´m working my best on them.

I will be listing all these new pieces very soon.

I hope you liked my creative space this week. You can see more lovely spaces at Kootoyoo.


Rita alias alatvian said...

Thank you so much for sharing!

BARBARIX said...

lovely rings and bracelet!!

PetitPlat Food Art said...

lovely bracelets!

BHB Kidstyle said...

I love the rings!

ira said...

The rings are fantastic but wow!!! who's that gorgeous girl:)))
I love your pics Maria:)

Mama Mogantosh said...

Those rings just rock - so fiercely modern and yet somehow there's something Victorian about them. Gorgeous!

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