Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunny Days

Here you have some sunnny European finds:

Little Sun
Sunshine scarf
Crocheted Sun Applique
Sun Oilpainting

And here is my sunny entry for the past week´s EST Challenge: "Sun", hosted by the lovely StarOfTheEast. You can see the rest of the entries here.


Sigmosaics said...

beautiful sunshiney euro finds Leela!! love your new necklace .. very pretty (gorgeous photo) :D
hugs and kisses from 'down here'
Kerrin xox

Pauline Paulette said...


I bijoux dello Stregatto said...

Beautiful!!! We are in a similar mood!!!

jealousydesign said...

Sunny and pretty!

BARBARIX said...

very beautiful!!!
I love your entry as well!

LeelaBijou said...

Thank you very much girls! I´m glad you liked my post :)

Kerrin, big hugs to you too! :)

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