Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Smile! {Photo Mosaic}

Smiling is so important! Never understimate the power of a big smile, it will cheer you up and make you feel better, even if you are feeling a bit down. So my mosaic this week is dedicated to everyone who loves smiling, laughing, being happy, share the joy, and also to all those who need a bit of happiness in their lives.

And don´t forget to smile today! :)


Nauli said...

your smiles make everyone smiling :)

anka said...

Your mosaic made me smile big time. Lovely selection of images, kids and animals can make anyone's heart melt.

gnomeangel said...

When you're smiling the whole world smiles with you. Great mosaic :)

Ooty said...

what a sweet sweet one!!!

kraplap said...


ArtMind said...

High fives for smiles! I love smilig and laughing and everyone who does it a lot! GREAT mosaic! :)

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