Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Art Of Origami

Have you ever heard about the art of Origami?
According to, "is the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding, which started in the 17th century AD and was popularized in the mid-1900s. It has since then evolved into a modern art form. The goal of this art is to transform a flat sheet of material into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques, and as such the use of cuts or glue are not considered to be origami."

I love Origami and the way this art can transform the most simple piece of paper into the most gorgeous and amazing figure. These ones I have found are very impressive, who could have thought they are made by just folding a sheet?

This dragon is stunning!

These decoration balls are fantastic too!

And this last one is not exactly a proper Origami, but it´s an adorable cat via :)

Happy Wednesday!


zsazsazsu said...

fascination and very cute at the end ! :-)

Yael said...

Unbelievable what can be done with paper!! I tried origami in the past and I just could never get along with the instructions - ha, even not the most simple ones - I guess I have no talent (and maybe patience) for it! So I just keep admiring! This is surely a wonderful art form - I have two small tiny cranes, I got them once from a Japanese neighbor while living in California, she made them herself and I cherish them to this day!!!

Anonymous said...

I love those origamis :) They're so wonderful and beautiful. I wish I'd had the skill to make them. :D

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