Thursday, May 19, 2011

Torrijas Recipe (Bread Pudding)

This delicious bread puding is very typical in Spain at Easter. Really tasty and very easy to make!

32 fl. oz of milk
olive oil
16 oz. honey
16 oz. sugar
8 eggs
Slices of bread for 'torrijas'

Cut a large loaf of bread for 'torrijas' in fairly thick slices. Mix the milk and sugar in a deep bowl. Beat the eggs in a separate dish. Dip the slices of bread in the sugared milk and eggs and fry in a pan with boiling oil until golden brown. Then drain well.
Place the 'torrijas' on a serving dish and pour honey over them.

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Trois Pommes Vertes said...

Hmmm this looks delicious!

ana carina said...

We have that in Portugal too, but they're fried in butter instead of olive oil and we put cinammon on top of them. We call them "fatias douradas" :)

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