Friday, June 10, 2011

Original Coffee Cups

As a big coffee lover, I collect original cups for the coffee. Searching for new cups, I found these amazing ones and I wanted to share them with you, like the beautiful one you can see above made by PrettyMyDrink.

I hope you will enjoy this gallery and find new favorites amongst them!

by Caffeexpress
This one has a special meaning for those who enjoy watching the tv show "The Office"; it´s a must have if you are a big fan!

by Gnr8

by Kedo


eva i Aten said...

All are very nice, but the Canon-one the best! Wish I had one like this!

Dina said...

I have been looking all over Etsy lately for some new exciting coffee cups that will make me smile first thing in the morning. Lots of links to check thanx to your great post! :)

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