Friday, May 7, 2010

Dear Mom...

Next Sunday is Mother´s Day in many countries and today I want to homage all those moms out there, by sharing the thoughts and experiences of these wonderful mothers I have the pleasure to know.

For Swee, being a mother means "the BEST promotion in life ever!". For her, before motherhood, "life as a single was different, as I have a different view of commitment then and that meant my career. When I was expecting my child, it is a stage of new self finding in life, and there were much worries to come about. The main worry was how am I to raise my child, & will my child be born healthy?"

But once her baby was born, "I felt it was the happiest moment in my entire life (billion times better than having a career)! I decided to make mommie-hood my career. To raise my child as she is. Oh well, at every stage of her development, I worry about her to the very bone having every bit of her interests at heart. In time to come, I hope my way of raising her, will bring her to soar in every aspect of her life. At present, we are like the best of friends. I talk to her as though she is my friend, we do laugh, play, and fight at times (she is only 3 though) . It is going to be a loving & friendly (& strict in certain ways) upbringing. I know that as she grows, I will let her go bit by bit, and hope that whatever morals and values I teach her, will be brought along and passed on to her future. "

"... and my husband says we are like 2 kids playing together and fighting over a candy. :D"

Swee and her baby

For Petronella, "Peggy is the sweetest, loveliest, naughtiest "child" I ever had."

Peggy and Petronella share a beautiful bond: "she can look with those big brown eyes and tells you about everything she wants. She likes to play, sleep and eat the whole day; and all this in my company. When I am not there, she howls to make contact with me."

P8 and Peggy

Petronella adds, "she had a difficult period last year when I had to go to hospital for some time. Hubby tried everything to make it easier for her, which has led us all to the situation in which it is clear that hubby is the softie, and she misuses that frequently. My hospital stay made our mutual love only more honest, deeper, more intense. I hope she will be our child for many years to come !"

P8 and Peggy

For Inger, "being a mom is what I am here for, to continue the species. Preferably a more suited to circumstances version with each generation :-D
I hope to give my children a balanced upbringing which teaches them independence,confidence and happiness. And with that that they too will make people around them happy, like a ripple effect, spreading happiness far and wide."

Her thoughts before becoming a mother, "before becoming a mother is was not something I ever thought about, one day we were ready..and from then on life continued as it had,each day new and full of promise for hidden treasure and adventure :-D"

And some wise words for advice for soon-to-be moms, " just be and follow your instinct, it knows best. There is no book that can prepare you nor is there a book to tell you the right way. We have been reproducing for aeons, and hopefully will continue to do get hopping! Reproduce :-D"

Inger and her children

Kim describes being a mother as "helping my children raise in a carring home trying to get the best out of them. I want my children to be happy about their childhood and that they will become selfconfident, but caring and happy persons. Making well thought descicions and valueing the nature around us."
She also talks about her worries before being a mom, "that I wouldn't be a good mother as they are the new-age children: highly sensitive.
Now my biggest worries are: how to protect then from others who try to harm them and schoolresults. Although I think being creative is also very important besides reading fast and maths... "
Kim also has few words of advice for new moms: "just follow your instinct and trust on it. You are the one and only who knows your child the best!! What I also always tried to do is not bringing over my fear, stay calm and carry on...."

Kim and her children

Ina says "being a mother for me must be the biggest adventure I have taken so far !"
Her biggest worries before being a mom were "before being a mother I was worried I wouldn't have all the answers. Now, I am concerned (I think) I do ;)"

Some advice from her: "settle for less. Which may sound a bit strange but I am a perfectionist and I want to do everything right. That includes the upbringing of my children. Striving to obtain that goal sometimes makes me forget children are children. They are unpredictable and more importantly, they develop their own little character and soon enough, they themselves know exactly what they want and how they want it. And their way isn't necessarily wrong. On the contrary, it usually is way more interesting !!"

Ina and her family

For Agnieszka, being a mother "it's an everyday chellenge. How do I manage to follow? How to persuade them to obey the rules and at the same time how to make them grow and bloom? One day it seems easy, the other I'm completly frustrated. But when I see how they make friends and how they are realy brave when I'm not around I think maybe it is possible to be a good mother."

Her recommendations for new mothers is "your time and your loving attention is what really matters. Have fun being with your little one."

Agnieszka, on a picture took by her son who loves taking pictures and making films. "Blurry, wild colors, lots of movement. But they do capture our every day life."

For Joanne, "being a mother is a reassessment of my priorities in life and a true realisation of the miracle that is life."
She says, "worries and motherhood go hand in hand it seems. You know that everything you do from the moment they're conceived will impact their lives and that's a huge responsibility. My sons are now 10 and 12, and my biggest worries now are how give them enough independence while keeping them safe, and how to get through the difficult teenage years."

And few advices from her: "read up on pregnancy, childbirth and raising children so you'll be well informed about every stage. Try to plan ahead, but don't be disappointed if everything doesn't go according to plan, whether it's during childbirth or managing to breastfeed. Finally, relax and try to enjoy every minute, babies grow up at an incredibly fast rate and before you know it they're off to school!"

And here is a song dedicated to all the mothers in the world: Happy Mother´s Day!

Big, big thanks to all the wonderful ladies who have participated in the making of this post: Swee, Ina, Joanne, Inger, P8, Kim and Agnieszka. May your life and the life of your babies be full of happiness!


Ann said...

Lovely post!

For me, being a mother is a lifetime journey full of adventures and happyness, but it's also a big responsibility.
It's so interesting to see how the child grows and picks up your own habbits and beliefs. He's like a soft clay on your hands that I can model however you wish, with the best thoughts in your head.

florigamigirl said...

What a lovely post, thank you. So nice to read about some other EST mums.

Trust yourself that you are the best mother you can be, each day, every day.

kraplap said...

such a lovely and sweet post Maria !! So funny to see my Peggy in here ! Thanks !!

ingermaaike said...

Yayy for all mums and dads in the world. They rock!

Kylie said...

What a beautiful post! K

evihan said...

wowww..I read all the post again and again...great advice...happy to know you girls:-)

Anonymous said...

Very lovely read up of every mom's experiences. We are all unique and special in our own ways, and I am sure our children will be raised well. Happy Mommy's Day in advance everyone. xxx

Ann said...

I like the saying that best thing what a father can do for his children is to love their mother :)

BHB Kidstyle said...

Great post! Really nice to see other mums and their believes.
I firmly agree with Kim and Inger on following instincts and basic common sense, nothing complicated or fancy. I also believe that with love and patience you can´t go wrong.

DeerLola said...

Lovely post Maria, thank you ! Nothing more genuine or intense than the love for your children (or pets for that matter! :) Happy mother's day !

Vilt à la Kim said...

WOw such a lovely post you edited Maria!

Thanks that you asked me, or did I volunteerd by my self? :)

Happy mothers day to all mothers and future moms !!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Thank all of you so much for sharing and you, Maria, for this sweet post!!!
Happy Mother's Day to all our EST mums!

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