Monday, November 1, 2010

Too Early...? {Photo Mosaic} start decorating for the Holidays?

This last weekend, I went shopping on commercial area near my house and it was surprising to see almost all shops with Christmas decorations. It is amost 30º C degrees here and it´s strange to see the Holidays fever already spread. But I love this time of the year so I won´t complain too much about it :)

-Christmas Ornaments

-Lotus Pin

-Preparing for Christmas - Fine Art Photo

-French Lollipops

More European finds at Fleurfatale´s blog!


Also, I made this "Winterish" headband to enter this week European Street Team Challenge: Romance Headband:

Have a wonderful week!


alteaperle said...

You are right Christmas mood with 30° degrees must be weird! I love your pics! Have a nice week

kraplap said...

I love your snowflakes Maria ! and great mosaic.

Marinatea said...

It's not early!
nice collection!

matchstickgirl said...

ay carumba Christmas already ??? I have to rush and get everything done !!!

Naomi said...

Lovely little collection for the start of the holidays :-) It gets me all excited for Christmas!!

SoleDeVita said...

I think, It's just in time! :))

magalerie said...

Hello Maria,
Thanks a lot for featuring my french lollipops photo :)
That's really sweet of you !

Febystan said...

Thanks for including Lotus Pin in this lovely mosaic!

hande bilten said...

thank you very much maria..
it is a great combo.. :)

JK said...

Oh, such lovely collection. Thanks!

ayawedding said...

great christmas beauties and lovely challenge creation

Nauli said...

I know this too early feeling, when they start to sell Lebkuchen christmas choclate and cake on hot September days.. :-)
But christmas is always comeing tooo fast!
A great week for you!

Lipstick on the Mug said...

that's the prettiest headband ever!

jealousydesign said...

30 degrees! Sounds lovely even if it isn´t really Christmas weather for me. We have -2 here right now and frost. the stores here are full of Christmas decorations and I love it :)

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